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04/12/2023, 3:04 PM
šŸ“¢ Office Hours starting in one hour. melty bouncy Come chat with the team, ask questions about Meltano, show off your latest creations, and discuss new features. šŸŒŸ Spotlight topics today: ā€¢ Use ChatGPT in Meltano! We'll walk through the basics of how you can get started with large language model (LLM) processing in Meltano, and how to ask questions to GPT from within in your Meltano project. You can find us in Zoom at the start of the hour! melty rainbow flame
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For anyone who's interested in this topic but was not able to join, I would invite you to #gpt-and-llm-development where we'll talk more about GPT and LLM topics. Also, I've posted there in the channel a recording of today's office hours session, in case anyone wants to catch up on the conversations and demos.
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