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03/30/2023, 12:28 PM
melty bouncy Another Thriving Community Week on Slack! melty bouncy Let’s take a look at what happened inside the community the past couple of days. Btw. to always stay up to date, us on GitHub! And subscribe our monthly newsletter "Meltastic by Meltano". Big news this week: • We've launched the Meltano Cloud Private Beta (jump on the list!). • We've launched a completely new Meltano website including Meltano Hub. Helpful discussions:Airflow + Meltano problems? Remember to keep things isolated, maybe go back to Python3.8 and take a look into this discussion. • How do you handle state and data? Do you keep them in one db? In two? Read up on some opinions here. • Do you have any thoughts on data freshness checks? Here's a discussion related to Meltano. Show us what you got! • We shared a guest post on the importance of isolated environments, illustrated with Meltano. • @chilly-train-201 fixed the exchangeratehost tap allowing it to run multiple times a day. • @bulky-gpu-51130 and @quiet-caravan-88267 published an article about the matatika UI for Meltano. • I added lots and lots of examples of mappers in use. melty bouncy
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