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03/16/2023, 10:56 AM
melty bouncy Another Thriving Community Week on Slack! melty bouncy Let’s take a look at what happened inside the community the past couple of days. Btw. to always stay up to date, us on GitHub! And subscribe our monthly newsletter "Meltastic by Meltano". Helpful discussions:@hallowed-summer-24471 posted a reminder that there is a message buffer size (and that you can hit it!).@handsome-family-65350 asked about performance on a dockerized Meltano on a Mac M1 chip, take a look if you think you're having performance problems too. • Taping mysql? Make sure you write "FULL_TABLE" correctly... • And @flat-caravan-93758 is constantly extending Matatika, take a look at what he added now! melty bouncy
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