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02/28/2023, 1:52 PM
melty bouncy Another Thriving Community Week on Slack! melty bouncy Let’s take a look at what happened inside the community the past couple of days. I took a week of vacation, but the community apparently did not! Btw. to always stay up to date, us on GitHub! And subscribe our monthly newsletter "Meltastic by Meltano". Helpful discussions in #troubleshooting & #getting-started:@salmon-actor-23953 started a brainstorm for your favourite VS code extensions (focused on data engineers!), take a look and contribute! • Ever got an "psycopg2.errors.UndefinedColumn" using target-postgres (transferwise)? Then maybe you should take a look into this thread. • Looking to put data into specific schemas? Renaming & filtering things before putting them into your destination? Take a look into this thread on schemas & mappings. • @quaint-controller-72755 started a discussion about orchestrating meltano & dbt together, take a look into it, its worth it! You can see all of the contributions in #show-us-what-you-got:@hallowed-summer-24471 is running meltano on argo (on top of kubernetes). • @quaint-controller-72755 added a dbt-dry-run utility to the hub. • We now got a cron extension! That's kind of cool for any single instance installation. • @chilly-train-201 didn't just do a meet up on Meltano & GoodData, he also wrote a great article (thanks!). melty bouncy
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