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02/09/2023, 10:52 AM
melty bouncy Another Thriving Community Week on Slack! melty bouncy Let’s take a look at what happened inside the community the past couple of days... Btw. to always stay up to date, us on GitHub! And subscribe our monthly newsletter "Meltastic by Meltano". Helpful discussions in #troubleshooting & #getting-started: • We're running a brainstorm on essential practices for extract & load, take a look. It got lots and lots of responses, add your own if you have some. • Does your snowflake target fail because source columns are removed? There is an easy fix! You can see all of the contributions in #show-us-what-you-got: • We shared why our extract and load processes never break. • @late-soccer-86750 created a GA4 tap to make the migration easier. • We also talked about best practices for handling PII with and without Meltano. • @chilly-train-201 will give a talk on using Meltano inside a CICD setup (check it out!). melty bouncy
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