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01/06/2023, 9:18 AM
melty bouncy More Thriving Community Weeks on Slack! melty bouncy It's been Christmas & vacation time, and still, a lot has happened inside the community to continue where 2022 left off. You can see all of the contributions in #show-us-what-you-got:@quaint-controller-72755 just now released a great blog post about Meltano & elementary and their setup at Potloc. Be sure to check it out! • @many-breakfast-93857 released his airbyte wrapper allowing us to now support over 550+ connectors! What an accomplishment, nice work! • @many-breakfast-93857 also updated target-bigquery to include all kinds of cool fancy things! Thanks! • @bulky-gpu-51130 demoed the community edition of Matatika , go take a look at that, it looks great. • We posted an article on why data teams should adopt code reviews. • .... and so much more. Welcome to the newcomers @full-businessperson-31280 @alert-easter-79768 @purple-ambulance-23928 @chilly-train-201 @plain-alarm-89883 @proud-finland-91839 @red-boots-61911 @wonderful-animal-79668 @miniature-printer-76402 and many more for already actively engaging in our Slack community! Last but not least... 1. us on GitHub! It really makes a difference for open source projects. 2. We're making our meltastic newsletter a regular monthly thing! Jump on it to stay up-to-date with Meltano. melty bouncy
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