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12/23/2022, 3:33 PM
We're wrapping up 2022 here at Meltano! Before we go, we want to thank everyone who has joined Slack, asked or answered questions, contributed to issues and pull requests, and those who participated in events or came to chat with us at conferences. A lot happened this year (see above!) but we couldn't have done it without you. We'll be closing our virtual office next week so you may not receive replies to questions or issues for a bit. We hope you have a great holiday season and we'll see you in 2023. melty bouncy (PS: There's still time to star us on GitHub this month! For every star we receive through December we'll donate $2 to remove trash from our waterways. 🌊)
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12/23/2022, 4:51 PM
Thanks all 3022 of you for being part of the Meltano journey! 💜
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