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12/20/2022, 3:07 PM
melty bouncymelty bouncymelty bouncy*2022 Slack Community Roundup*melty bouncymelty bouncymelty bouncy <!channel> We're proud of this community, our great partners, every GitHub contributor, every new Slack member, amazing alpha testers, Meltano users and not-yet users that help us shape our vision for the future and of everyone else that helped us to have a blast this year! So thank you all! You're amazing! It's still December, so it is still time to star our Meltano GitHub repository. For each star we donate 2$ to save our oceans from trash. Some numbers for 2022 we're proud of that wouldn't be possible without you: • We welcomed 1058 new Slack members to over 3,000! • We're now boosting over 400 plugins on the Meltano hub. • We moved to GitHub, for the community. • We released 37 versions of Meltano, one major (v2.0 hello!), 19 minor, and of course lots and lots of bug fixes! • Well over 50% of all shipped stuff includes shipped stuff from community members. • We released 26 versions of the SDK with lots of community contributions as well. A great year, thanks again, and if you're part of the community, we suggest you join the Meltastic newsletter for a monthly update on all things community & Meltano. melty bouncy
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12/20/2022, 3:51 PM
It seems somehow I just never starred it, I guess better now when it’s for a good cause 😎
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