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12/08/2022, 1:54 PM
melty bouncy Another Thriving Community Week on Slack! melty bouncy What happened this week? Stars, Stars, Stars😄! We called the community to star our Meltano Github repository in December to extract trash from the ocean. And of course, there's much more... Helpful discussions in #troubleshooting & #getting-started: • Any troubles with tap-postgres and a "pg_config" lately? Take a look at this thread it that's the case. • Replicating data from snowflake to S3? Here's a discussion on copying only partial tables. • What are your metrics to measure data engineering teams? Here's an ongoing discussion (with some input from me). You can see all of the contributions in #show-us-what-you-got: • @Pat added 15 new extractors and a bunch of variants to the hub, thank you! • @fancy-park-71136 added a new tap-oracle to the hub, thanks! • I added multiple things this week, including a cool blog post about the 5 favourite dbt packages .... • .... and a super cool quick codespaces-powered Meltano demo (up and running with your first init in 5 mins) ... • ... and a long article about extract and load best practices! ... • @Ken did a great intro to great expectations and Meltano, thank you for that! Welcome to the newcomers @hallowed-summer-24471 @quaint-horse-44422 @polite-controller-9129 already actively engaging in the Slack community! Last but not least... We're making our meltastic newsletter a regular monthly thing! Jump on it to stay up-to-date with Meltano. melty bouncy
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