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11/02/2022, 12:41 PM
melty bouncy Another Thriving Community Week on Slack! melty bouncy Just got back from a sweet vacation and stumbled over lots of great things that happened last week. I'm not going to dwell on the contributions this week, because of tap-toberfest we saw soooooo many of them they deserve their own demo (Demo Day is tomorrow!). But thanks to all of you tap-toberfest contributors! Helpful discussions in #troubleshooting& #getting-started: ā€¢ Want to use the Meltano map transformer to rename columns? This thread provides more guidance. ā€¢ People are also integrating Python scripts into their Meltano workflows. This thread discusses several different options on doing this. ā€¢ Your source data keeps on changing, do you query the just the new data or do you delete the old one? Thanks to the new members @adamant-intern-21859 @polite-wire-7317 @clever-apple-21393 @big-dusk-59305 that already started to engage in conversations! And thanks to @thousands-school-6977 and @many-breakfast-93857 who participated quite actively this week! Don't forget the Demo Day for the tap-toberfest! melty bouncy
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