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10/26/2022, 8:11 PM
<!channel> This is your mid-week tap-toberfest checkin šŸ»! If you missed our announcements this week you can find them here: ā€¢


: tap-toberfest kickoff, announcing Meltano-maintained taps for PostgreSQL & Snowflake ā€¢


: BATCH messaging in the SDK, even more Meltano-maintained taps for databases including Oracle, BigQuery, MySQL, SQLServer, and Redshift data party ā€¢


: Introducing Meltano EDK šŸŽ‰ with preview implementations for Airflow, dbt, and Superset on MeltanoHub, Jacob Matson also did a demo of MDS in a box There are several projects in flight and a few more on the way later this week! You can find out more about these in #taptoberfest-2022 or by joining our next two check-in calls tomorrow and Friday at 1600 UTC. If you're participating in tap-toberfest, please make sure you register so that we can follow up and send you swag. melty bouncy
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