# announcements


10/19/2022, 3:48 PM
Hey all - just wanted to twinsparrotcall attention homer to this PR - "Hub bot - Missing Plugins" where we added quite a few new connectors to MeltanoHub melty! 1. We're working on having more automation around finding missing connectors, extracting their metadata, and listing them up on MeltanoHub. 2. Even if it might not be ready for prime time, we still would love to list it so others can find it and potentially help contribute instead of starting from scratch again. We'll keep using the
attribute to distinguish their status i.e.
, etc. As always, feel free to open a PR/issue if the metadata is incorrect or if you think a particular connector shouldnt be listed and we can help get it taken down. 3. MeltanoHub can retrieve connector metadata (and keep them up to date) like settings and descriptions from SDK based connectors using the
flag, but this relies on the connector having those well defined. 4. We want the SDK based connector repos to be the source of truth for metadata, so PLEASE 🙏 make sure you have accurate settings including, the data type, whether its
or not, and most importantly a description! See tap-slack as a good example. For the upcoming tap-toberfest next week (Oct 24-28) 🎃 - updates to settings metadata in the repos of SDK based connectors (or directly to MeltanoHub for non-SDK based connectors) count as valid contributions!
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