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09/13/2022, 5:29 PM
<!channel> Hello, Meltano Community! 👋 We're excited to announce the latest releases of Meltano and the Singer SDK. This week we've also recorded a video for you with demos of the latest features. The highlight of the video is the new interactive config feature which @straight-night-17509 has

demoed for us

. View the full video on YouTube here:

Meltano Release Party and Demos - 2022-09-13

🎉 Here's a full list of the improvements in each release: melty Meltano v2.6.0 New#5892 Add new interactive configuration of plugins with--interactive flag in meltano config set. • #6640 Add rich exception formatting, configurable from logging.yaml. 🐛 Fixes#6694 Resolves a bug in meltano remove where error states that plugin is missing the settings_with_extras attribute. • #6652 Better handling of permission errors when creating a new project -- Thanks @quaint-artist-35407!#6676 Prevent warnings/errors when running meltano config <plugin> test -- Thanks @flat-caravan-93758! 📚 Documentation Improvements#6706 Add troubleshooting page -- Thanks @jared-rimmer!#6672 Add tutorial on how to debug a custom extractor -- Thanks @jared-rimmer!...and more! singer logo Singer SDK v0.10.0 New#829 Add validation for primary keys, replication keys and state partitioning keys to built-in tap tests -- Thanks @damp-park-65985!#732 Implement paginator classes to for automatic pagination handling in API-based taps. 🐛 Fixes#898 Fix SQL type merging for pre-existing target tables -- Thanks @fresh-wolf-81735 ! We're excited for you to try out these new features and improvements. Let us know what you think!
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