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06/08/2022, 3:10 PM
<!channel> Today, we are excited to both announce Meltano 2.0 and our most recent round of funding! meltyflame Meltano 2.0 represents a major step towards Meltano being the DataOps platform infrastructure for your modern data stack. Venturing beyond ELT, 2.0 makes it easier than ever for teams of any size to build an end-to-end data platform out of open source modern data stack components like Singer, dbt, Airflow, Great Expectations, and Superset, and collaborate on it like the software project it is. In support of the vision to have Meltano be the end-to-end DataOps Infrastructure for the modern data stack, we received another round of funding from Venrock. We cannot wait to partner with them and one day realize our mission of enabling everyone to realize the full potential of their data. Join us today, June 8th at 9am Pacific, for Office Hours to get all your 2.0 questions answered, or be witness to the first ever live demo of 2.0 this Thursday, June 9 at 9am Pacific, at Demo Day. πŸŽ‰ Add these events to your calendar if you don’t already have them:
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