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05/20/2022, 1:20 AM
Hello everyone and happy Thursday melty bouncy I bring you two new releases, including a few amazing community contributions! meltano Meltano 1.105.0 (Probably last minor release before 2.0 šŸ™€*)* āœØ New ā€¢ #3298 Add adapter-specific dbt plugins for Redshift, Postgres, and BigQuery. ā€¢ #3482 Expand project-set environment variables in Environment-level
. šŸš€ Changes ā€¢ #3174 - We now recommend pipx over manually created virtual environments. ā€¢ #3031 Add lock artifacts during
meltano add
for stability and portability of plugin definitions. šŸ› Fixes ā€¢ 3483 Fixes a bug where pipx-installed meltano can not find executable (.exe) meltano dependency packages ā€¢ #3500 Fixes bug where lock file was added but not used. āš™ļø Under the Hood ā€¢ #3484 Use
convention for lockfiles. singer logo SDK v0.5.0 āœØ New ā€¢ Tap and Target SDK: The
option now also considers environment variables from a dotenv (
) file if present (#384, !293). šŸš€ Changes ā€¢ Target SDK: Use generic SQLALchemy markers for parameterized queries in SQL targets (#376, !287) - Thanks, Thomas Briggs! ā€¢ Target SDK: Explicitly specify column names when inserting rows in SQL targets (#385, !294) - Thanks, Thomas Briggs! šŸ› Fixes ā€¢ Target SDK: Fixes bug where an
message caused an error when destination table does not exist (#372, !285) - Thanks, Thomas Briggs! ā€¢ Tap and Target SDK: Do not fail
option if tap or target is not configured (#379, !291).
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