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05/09/2022, 2:21 PM
Happy Monday everyone! Here's an overview of what's happening at Meltano: • Office Hours are Wednesday at 1600 UTC. You can check out what's on deck to be discussed on the Office Hours issue board. • We try to release Meltano and SDK updates on Thursdays. We'll announce the release in this channel with a recap of what's new. You can follow along in #engineering-team to see what's in flight. • Demo Day will be June 2nd instead of the last Thursday of this month. We have some exciting announcements for you ( new stuff ) so you won't want to miss it! • We'll also be at DataConnect Conference on June 2-3 in Columbus, Ohio. If you're in the area we'd love to meet up with you! • We're hiring! You can check out our open roles on our Job Board. Have a great week! melty rainbow flame
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