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04/29/2022, 12:29 AM
Happy Thursday! We just cut two new fresh SDK & Meltano releases! shipitparrot meltano Meltano 1.102.0 āœØ New ā€¢ #3146 Add
option to
meltano run
. (docs) ā€¢ #2754 New
meltano state
command to manage job states. (docs) šŸ› Fixes ā€¢ #3392 Fixes bug in meltano ui where pipelines tab would fail to load when pipelines had no interval set. singer logo SDK v0.4.7 šŸ› Fixes ā€¢ Tap Cookiecutter: Fixed a bug where the wrong key was used to select the appropriate
class for SQL taps (#353, !275) - Thanks, @fresh-wolf-81735! ā€¢ Tap Cookiecutter: Fixed a bug where
for SQL taps was overwritten during initialization (#354, !276) - Thanks, @fresh-wolf-81735! ā€¢ Tap SDK: Fixed a bug where a parent stream emitted schema messages when it's not selected, but at least one of its child streams is (#366, !280) ā€¢ Tap SDK: Bump
dependency to
(!281) - Thanks @Eric Boucher!
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