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03/11/2022, 1:32 AM
<!channel> Happy Thursday, Iā€™m pleased to announce the latest Meltano release! meltano Meltano v1.98.0 šŸš€ Changes ā€¢ #3316 Improve the
meltano init
experience with beautified text and cleaner logging. ā€¢ #3317 Improve Snowplow documentation and simplify telemetry notification during
meltano init
. ā€¢ #3217 Allow user to configure SendGrid
. Thanks, @flat-rose-87292! šŸ› Fixes ā€¢ #3306 Fix Environments bug where custom configuration values that were not defined either as a setting or custom configuration in the primary plugin definition were not passed to the plugin in the Environment context. āš™ļø Under the Hood ā€¢ #3319 Limit Snowplow tracker logs to the command line to ERROR level by default ā€¢ #3321 Switch Snowplow tracker endpoint to
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