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02/25/2022, 9:00 PM
melty Quick Friday Announcement melty - Thanks to you all contributing Singer taps to MeltanoHub we just reached the 300 mark today 🚀!! We're really excited about where MeltanoHub is heading in the next couple months. We're working towards making it the source of truth for all Meltano plugins not only for finding and learning about them but also for feeding whats discoverable in Meltano . Thanks so much for everyone who has been contributing but a special thankyou to @quiet-caravan-88267 @flat-bear-81546 @witty-keyboard-99830 @fancy-iron-50966 @careful-journalist-73001 for the recent additions and of course @bumpy-breakfast-33142 for merging the 300th tap!! 🍾🦜🚀
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