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02/19/2022, 1:08 AM
<!channel> I’m pleased to announce the latest Meltano and SDK releases! meltano Meltano v1.96.0   New • #2205 Adds Docker support via a new container_spec option for plugin commands. • #2454 Adds support for data validation with Great Expectations. • #2299 Adds support for a new Mappers plugin type. Mappers allow custom transformations, aliases, and filters to be applied to any EL pipeline using 
meltano run
. 🚀 Changes • #3122 Add default Environment entries when 
meltano init
 is invoked. 🐛 Fixes • #3257 Resolves installation failures by constraining 
 library version to 
(Note: dbt was also affected by this issue, and dbt users may likewise need to bump dbt to v1.0.2.) - Thanks, @silly-ice-80395 for reporting the issue and @flat-caravan-93758 for supporting testing. singer logo  SDK v0.4.3   New • #327 Enable JSONPath for GraphQL record extraction. - Thanks, @ancient-portugal-54100! 🚀 Changes • #316 Deprecate Python 3.6.
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02/19/2022, 4:06 PM
Maybe just my ignorance but I noticed the releases page only goes up to v1.13.0


02/19/2022, 5:16 PM
Thanks, @flat-rose-87292 for calling this out. We don't actively use the Gitlab Releases feature at the moment. The two best resources for release history would be the repo CHANGELOG file and the PyPi listing.
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Today we had our first internal release party with internal Meltano demos of the latest features. If you are interested in catching up on our technical review of these features, along with discussions from engineering team, check out the recorded session


. Also stay tuned for our official #demo-day this coming Thursday where we'll demo the biggest and best new features of the month, alongside demos from our community. 🎉
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02/23/2022, 4:07 PM
This video great to listen to, back and forth on tech choices and qs was fun! To be more clear, it's super nice to hear you all describe the why behind things in summary, and to see everyone question things. It gives so much context to me as to what the direction is and how I should think about things
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