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08/10/2021, 11:40 PM
<!channel> Friendly reminder for #office-hours session tomorrow at our regular weekly time: 
Wed 9AM Pacific, 16:00 UTC
. Three big topics this week from our _Office Hours Topic Board_: 1. Allowing config across multiple files, rather than a single `meltano.yml` file 2. Adding ACTIVATE_VERSION support to the Tap SDK 3. Evaluation Framework (Gold/Silver/Bronze) for taps and targets All questions and topics welcome! If there's a topic you'd like added or bumped up in priority, feel free to post here in slack and/or in the zoom call. Click here to add the event to your google calendar. When the meeting starts you can join with Zoom or join the YouTube livestream (link will be posted here in #office-hours). We hope you can join us! Slack Conversation