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07/23/2021, 7:51 PM
<!channel> - I'm happy to announce our first successfully delivery of Meltano Academy, a "from-scratch" introduction to DataOps, CI/CD, Singer, dbt, and of course, Meltano meltano! This was delivered in partnership with Slalom Consulting to an initial cohort of 33 Slalom data consultants! What we are making available today: ā€¢ #academy - a dedicated channel to share resources and feedback related to the Academy ā€¢ All Labs and Slide decks (2 days of content in total!) ā€¢ Custom-built VS Code dev containers for students to use in each of the labs. Over the coming weeks and months, we plan to also make on-demand versions of all lectures available on YouTube. If you are interested in using Academy content for your own training or in your workplace, please share with us your story and how we can help in the #academy channel. ty Much thanks to Slalom Consulting and especially @clever-tent-28861, for a wonderful partnership in this first iteration.
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