# announcements


07/07/2021, 2:55 PM
<!channel> Friendly reminder for #office-hours session, starting in just 60 minutes, at our regular weekly time: 
9AM Pacific, 16:00 UTC
. Because of a large number of special topics to discuss this week, we'll prioritize the below topics based on interest from attendees. 🙂 You can put your vote in the thread or in Zoom chat. 1. This Week’s Focus Topics: a. Meltano Academy (#academy) b. Great Expectations integration and support for `validator` plugins in Meltano c. FastSync and Batch message types d. Pros and cons of a community-supported model for taps and targets e. Evaluation Framework (Gold/Silver/Bronze) for taps and targets f. Automating source.yml generation for dbt 2. Recurring topic: *Meltano Developers and Users Q&A*_, meaning any and all of the below:_ g. Questions about how to get started with Meltano h. Questions and feedback on the new SDK and the Meltano Hub i. Troubleshooting or follow-up from slack conversations j. Questions about roadmap, documentation, open MRs, etc. _Click here to add the event to your google calendar._ When the meeting starts you can join with Zoom or join the YouTube livestream (link will be posted here). Slack Conversation