# announcements


06/14/2021, 7:29 PM
<!channel> This Wednesday June 16, we will have #office-hours session at our regular weekly time: 
9AM Pacific, 16:00 UTC
. Exciting topics this week - we hope you will join us! 1. This Week’s Focus Topics: a. “Final” Spec for Target SDK and Stream Maps 🚀 - We have a few updates to review with community members, but otherwise both of these features are nearing launch. We plan to joint-release both features, Stream Maps and Targets, this week or next so now’s the time to get in any last feedback or suggestions! b. Support for dbt 0.19.1 and other dbt Integration Improvements - As noted in our Roadmap, “*Enhanced
Integration*” is a focus area for us this month. Would love to get your feedback and ideas for how to make Meltano the best dbt experience around. 2. Recurring topic: *Meltano Developers and Users Q&A*_, meaning any and all of the below:_ c. Questions about how to get started with Meltano d. Questions and feedback on the new SDK and the Meltano Hub e. Troubleshooting or follow-up from slack conversations f. Questions about roadmap, documentation, open MRs, etc. _Click here to add the event to your google calendar._ Slack Conversation