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06/09/2021, 3:29 PM
<!channel> Friendly reminder: #office-hours starts in 30 minutes: 
9AM Pacific, 16:00 UTC
. Bring your own topics week - last week was a completely full agenda so this week we’re leaving time for any topics you’d like to discuss. We’ll do our standard review of recent updates and upcoming features, then will open for community discussion. 1. Recurring topic: *Meltano Developers and Users Q&A*_, meaning any and all of the below:_ a. Questions about how to get started with Meltano b. Questions and feedback on the new SDK and the Meltano Hub c. Troubleshooting or follow-up from slack conversations d. Questions about roadmap, documentation, open MRs, etc. _Click here to add the event to your google calendar._ Slack Conversation