# announcements


05/24/2021, 1:58 PM
<!channel> We wanted to highlight a recent update to the documentation around S Slack channels and remind you of some newer ones we added about a month ago! We added some guidelines on how we aim to use the 
 tag so as not to spam everyone. We’ve also detailed a few of the channels in the handbook to give folks not in the Slack group a taste of what they’ll find when they join. Lastly, I wanted to highlight #getting-started and #best-practices which are great places to post if you’re just getting going with Meltano or if you’re already up and running and want to talk about ways to improve how you’re structuring/implementing everything. (Also, I made 2 fun channels - #motorsports 🏎️ and #space 👩‍🚀 in case anyone is interested in those topics and wants to chat. There’s always #random too for all things random!) Thanks everyone and happy building! 🚀
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