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05/14/2021, 9:23 PM
<!channel> 🚀 Singer SDK v0.1.6 is now available! meltano With this release we’ve focused on bug fixes and stability improvements. Here’s the full list of fixes and updates in this release: • Resolved issue where deselected sub-fields were incorrectly included in stream records. _(Thanks@quaint-quill-84803!)_ • Resolved excessive logging during selection filtering. (!83) • Added improved type hints for developers, including mypy code compliance for improved stability. (!86) If you’ve already built a tap with the SDK, simply run 
poetry update singer-sdk
 to import the latest SDK version for your tap.
Two BIG features now in preview While this release focused on stability improvements, we’ve also been simultaneous building out the two most requested features: our Target SDK and Parent-Child Streams. If you’re interested in trying these out, please check out the preview of the Target SDK here and the Parent-Child Streams here. Have a great weekend everyone! 🌴
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