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04/13/2021, 8:20 PM
<!channel> Hello! Tomorrow, April 14, we will have our Office Hours session at 
9AM Pacific, 16:00 UTC
. _Click here to add the event to your google calendar._ As mentioned last week, we’re very excited to kickoff a discussion with you all on our plans for the new SingerHub site for discovering new taps. And as always, BYO topics are more than welcome, including all Meltano or SDK-related questions or troubleshooting requests. 1. Focus Topic: Planning the new SingerHub (20-30 min.) a. Our plans to add a SingerHub for tap and target discoverability. b. How to populate the list, how to maintain. c. What plugin metrics are important to for potential adopters. d. What other features would you want to see in SingerHub? 2. Recurring topic: *Meltano Developers Q&A*_, meaning any and all of the below:_ e. Questions about how to get started with Meltano f. Questions and feedback on the new Singer SDK g. Troubleshooting or follow-up from slack conversations h. Questions about roadmap, documentation, open MRs, etc. Slack Conversation