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03/24/2021, 8:45 PM
Hello everyone, I'm playing around to know more about Meltano, and was running a very simple test to download some data from Google Ads accounts. Just something as simples as
meltano elt tap-adwords target-csv
, passing it the needed config via envars. But I noticed that, while downloading the reports, it downloads each day at a time, which is causing the whole process to take longer than I expected. Is there a way to make is faster? Maybe downloading bigger chunks at a time to decrease the number of request that need to be made to the API?


03/24/2021, 9:30 PM
I assume you’re using ?
I’m looking at the code and it seems like that’s not possible without modifying the tap.
specifically seems to be the spot that handles that logic
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03/24/2021, 9:53 PM
Yes, that is what I thought. But also, it looks like something simple to be changed, if I'm not missing something important. Would there be some unwanted consequence of such a change? Thanks for the response, btw


03/24/2021, 11:07 PM
@creamy-rose-79250 It's possible that if you change the date range, you won't be getting data (clicks etc) for each individual day anymore, but rather for the entire date range. So it's possible that if you want data per day, downloading one report per day is the only way. I suggest trying it out and seeing if it does what you're looking for 🙂