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03/19/2021, 8:50 PM
<!channel> I’m pleased to announce Meltano Demo Days, starting next Friday, March 26 at 9AM Pacific (UTC-7) and happening every 2 weeks on Friday. _Click here to find the exact time in your locality and click here to add the event from our Google calendar._ We want this to be a time for the Meltano Community and the core team to share what they’ve been working on or what they’re excited about within the data community. We’ll start with a short kickoff from the Core Team about new developments on Meltano and then move into Community demos so you can share what you’ve been working on. We’ll keep it light and fun so don’t feel the need to prepare anything formal! Please reach out to me in #demo-day if you’d like to demo anything (DM is fine too) and we’ll make sure you’re on the agenda and have time for you to share. I’m really looking forward to this and hope folks can make it! Slack Conversation
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