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01/18/2021, 11:18 PM
<!channel> meltano Meltano v1.66.0 is now available, which (among other things) prevents pipelines from getting stuck in the “running” state forever when their
meltano elt
process is killed unceremoniously by the operating system or some other mechanism. This is realized by automatically detecting stale runs in the system database and marking them as “failed” before
meltano elt
runs a new pipeline with the same Job ID, and before
meltano schedule list
lists the scheduled pipelines and their status (which
meltano invoke airflow scheduler
does periodically). As long as a pipeline is running,
meltano elt
now records a heartbeat timestamp on the pipeline run row in the system database every second. A run is considered stale when 5 minutes have elapsed since the last recorded heartbeat. Older runs without a heartbeat are considered stale if they are still in the “running” state 24 hours after starting. 🚀 To install this update, simply run 
meltano upgrade
 from inside a Meltano project 😄 Thread in Slack Conversation
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