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11/16/2023, 1:32 AM
Hi, Mahipal here. I am trying to add 'tap-typeform' default variant to my meltano project. I ran
meltano add extractor tap-typeform
which added below config to yml file, but failed to install the pluggi.
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- name: tap-typeform
    variant: albert-marrero
    pip_url: git+<>
Below are the details:
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Installing 1 plugins...
Installing extractor 'tap-typeform'...
2023-11-16T01:19:55.050116Z [info     ] Logged pip install output to /Users/mahipalzanakat/meltano-projects/my-meltano-project/.meltano/logs/pip/extractors/tap-typeform/pip.log
Extractor 'tap-typeform' could not be installed: Failed to install plugin 'tap-typeform'.

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Failed to install plugin(s)
My python version is 3.8.10, meltano version is 3.1.0. Does anyone know the reason for this?