I have made a number of contributions later to com...
# plugins-general
I have made a number of contributions later to commonly used taps here is a quick summary of changes. # tap-oracle New Settings : https://github.com/meltano/hub/pull/1580 Selectable Driver : https://github.com/s7clarke10/pipelinewise-tap-oracle/pull/17 # tap-rest-api-msdk New Settings: https://github.com/meltano/hub/pull/1575 New features: backoff, cache credentials, emit raw message: https://github.com/Widen/tap-rest-api-msdk/pull/39 # tap-sybase Fixing tap-sybase to point to the correct repo, plus settings: https://github.com/meltano/hub/pull/1576 # tap-s3-csv (s7clarke10 variant) New Settings: https://github.com/meltano/hub/pull/1577 Contains a number of additional features over pipelinewise variant: https://github.com/s7clarke10/pipelinewise-tap-s3-csv