# plugins-general


10/13/2023, 10:47 AM
Hello everyone 🙂 I'd like to ask about any parallelization options when it comes to separate streams within a single tap. I have a custom tap developed with help of Singer SDK. The tap hits different rest api endpoints per each defined stream and syncs with db sinks (transferwise variant of target-postgres or target-snowflake) within an EL run. Are the different stream syncs handled asynchronously by meltano/singerSDK by any chance? If not, is it possible to support this by modifying the logic of the custom Tap? I am not sure what are the limitations here (or rather, how much support for parallel stream syncs already is in place). I tried consulting documentation and searching in different channels here in meltano slack channel, but with no success so far 😕 any help would be appreciated.