Hi! I’m trying to `meltano add utility superset` ...
# plugins-general
Hi! I’m trying to
meltano add utility superset
but can’t get that to work… It fails like so:
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Added utility 'superset' to your Meltano project
Variant:        meltano (default)
Repository:     <https://github.com/apache/superset>
Documentation:  <https://hub.meltano.com/utilities/superset--meltano>

Installing utility 'superset'...
Utility 'superset' could not be installed: failed to install plugin 'superset'.

Need help fixing this problem? Visit <http://melta.no/> for troubleshooting steps, or to
join our friendly Slack community.

Failed to install plugin(s)
Does anyone have hints or ideas? Thank you 🙂