Google Analytics tap question: I am running this c...
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Google Analytics tap question: I am running this command for validation but it stacked in this step.
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meltano elt tap-ga4 target-jsonl                                                                                                         
2023-08-04T19:40:14.765966Z [info     ] Environment 'dev' is active
2023-08-04T19:40:15.505674Z [info     ] Running extract & load...      name=meltano run_id=a33a9b14-1cfc-4e1d-afd2-70a5b38b1adc state_id=2023-08-04T194014--tap-ga4--target-jsonl
2023-08-04T19:40:15.959884Z [warning  ] No state was found, complete import.
The changes I did is to add the report example
meltano config tap-ga4 list
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reports [env: TAP_GA4_REPORTS] current value: '[\n  { "name" : "users_per_day",\n    "dimensions" :\n    [\n      "ga:date"\n    ],\n    "metrics" :\n    [\n      "ga:users",\n      "ga:newUsers"\n    ]\n  },\n  { "name" : "sessions_per_country_day",\n    "dimensions" :\n    [\n      "ga:date",\n      "ga:country"\n    ],\n    "metrics" :\n    [\n      "ga:sessions",\n      "ga:sessionsPerUser",\n      "ga:avgSessionDuration"\n    ]\n  }\n]' (from `meltano.yml`)
        Reports: Google Analytics Reports Definition.
Maybe it is wrong format for report? My goal is to control the list dimensions and measures but it is not exactly clear how to do this.