Hi there, I'm trying to use the `tap-klaviyo` plug...
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Hi there, I'm trying to use the
plugin (meltanolabs variant), but i'm having issues and wanted to aks here if anyone had the same problems, before opening an issue on github. I want to extract all my lists and profiles form Klaviyo. Extracting Lists succeeds without error but does not extract anything, and extracting Profiles fails with the error
Bad Request for path: /api/profiles
. Here is the relevant part from my Meltano Config:
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- name: tap-klaviyo
		revision: "2023-02-22"
		start_date: "2023-01-01"
		- lists.*
		- profiles.*
I already tried the following: • creating a new Full Access API Token • creating a new Read-Only Everything API Token (i prefer that over a full access token, as read-only should suffice for extraction) • using older revisions ("1", "2", "2022-10-17") • omitting the
or using a different
• requesting only specific profile attributes (eg
) • enabling
replication-method: FULL_TABLE
The same issue also occurs with the
endpoint. What is curios is that it does extract 20 profiles (or 200 events when selecting that) before failing!