Good Day everyone! I got a few questions regarding...
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Good Day everyone! I got a few questions regarding tap-chargify. I have been testing and investigating this tap recently to see if it could be meeting our requirements. The work started based on few aspects, including replication method, chargify endpoints coverage and robustness. I have tested all the variants listed on our website and also did bit code reading about its core part. What I found is, 1. The replication method of tap-chargify under all the variants are all hard coded? 2. No one actually has covered all the endpoints that has big volume of data transferring, the closest one is
3. An issue has been identified, which is that the
in config seems not to be working as expected, I set it to a very small period, but it still looks up all the data 4. Most of variants except Airbyte are not in maintenance for quite a long time. 5. Airbyte one is only supporting customers and subscriptions at the moment? Overall, final question would be just wondering is this tap still in maintenance or further development? Any clear plans in the near future? I guess not too many people are using it at the moment , but would appreciate it if any clues or thoughts are offered! Thanks 🙏