Hey everyone! Didn't see this channel before - i ...
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Hey everyone! Didn't see this channel before - i think my question suits here better than to #troubleshooting I’m developing a data warehouse for jira ->vertica db. This is my first ELT project ever. As i’m here on this slack one could assume I’m using meltano for that :). With tap-jira i can only set the start_date in the config file. I understand the regular daily loading...but how am i supposed to do the first extract say from 2018 until today? There's a lot of data and the probability that smth doesn't crash during that extract is pretty much 0. i've seen that some taps have also configurable end_date parameter which allows one to extract in controllable chunks. How would one add this configurable parameter to tap-jira, or is there some workaround for that problem? All the help is very appreciated guys!