Here is some "new user" feedback about the plugin ...
# plugins-general
Here is some "new user" feedback about the plugin pages on meltano hub 1. I love that there are multiple plugins for a given tap- or target-type and that theoretically it's easy to create my own (haven't tried quite yet) from scratch or based on an existing one 2. It would be extremely helpful if the list of Alternative Variants included a description, or better yet a table of features making it easy to understand the differences between the options. Right now, that requires at least reading the page for each one and since the pages don't really have a description of the key features I would need to probably read the entire page. Or, perhaps it may be easier to diff the GitHub repos. 3. The formatting of the plugin pages are extremely busy and it makes it hard to scan and quickly identify the key steps required to use a particular plugin. This may be a very personal thing, but when I read a doc, every time I see a code block or a
code tag
I immediately think I need to run something or add a block to my code. But I obviously don't need to do anything for the Alternative variants in order to use the plugin I'm checking out.