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07/25/2022, 12:13 PM
Hello everyone, I'm new to Meltno and I'm trying to use the extractor tap-csv, but whatever config I try, I always end up with the same error :
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Cannot start extractor: Catalog discovery failed
Any idea ? The command 'meltano invoke tap-csv --help' run and print : 2022-07-25T120537.132977Z [info ] Environment 'dev' is active Usage: tap-csv [OPTIONS] Execute the Singer tap. Options: --state PATH Use a bookmarks file for incremental replication. --catalog PATH Use a Singer catalog file with the tap. --test TEXT Use --test to sync a single record for each stream. Use --test=schema to test schema output without syncing records. --discover Run the tap in discovery mode. --config TEXT Configuration file location or 'ENV' to use environment variables. --format [json|markdown] Specify output style for --about --about Display package metadata and settings. --version Display the package version. --help Show this message and exit.