Hey folks, I have a mystery involving archiving to...
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Hey folks, I have a mystery involving archiving to S3 using the target-snowflake plugin. I could use your help! In the configuration for target-snowflake, there is a setting called: archive_load_files. This setting is a boolean. However, from its description: "_When incremental replication is used, the archived files will also have the following S3 metadata keys - incremental-key, incremental-key-min and incremental-key-max"._ That this value, archive_load_files, has a value of a dictionary with the above metadata keys inside is represented in the code, here. The problem is, because these key:values are missing, a default of None gets set for 'tap' and the whole job fails. Is this config value supposed to be a boolean? or a dictionary? e.g. archive_load_files: true tap: incremental-key: incremental-key-min: incremental-key-max: