Hi all With tap-facebook (singer-io), I'm getting ...
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Hi all With tap-facebook (singer-io), I'm getting the error message "_#17: User request limit reached_". Log-output:
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"message": "(#17) User request limit reached"
"type": "OAuthException"
"is_transient": true
"code": 17
"error_subcode": 2446079
According to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/overview/rate-limiting, that "_*Indicates that the token being used in the Ads API v3.3 or older request has reached its rate limit.*_" Unfortunately, I'm not really into meltano/these types of connectors (yet). Reading the mentioned "best practices" (above link) unfortunately, I don't understand too much. But I have a suspicion: assumption is that I'm running into this because we didn't process data through this connector for quite some time and now the to be catched-up amount of data is too big (too many 'paged' API-calls). That brings me to my first and more specific question if I could 'window' this catch-up load (and stretch it over time). My second and more general question: how do I approach this the best way?