Hi - I'm trying to add the tap-oracle extractor pl...
# plugins-general
Hi - I'm trying to add the tap-oracle extractor plugin to a meltano installation that is in a private subnet and with no access to the internet. I was hoping I could just install the same plugin locally then simply zip up the tap-oracle directory that is found at .meltano/extractors/tap-oracle and copy over to the same directory on the private instance. I've tried this with no luck, still not sure which option to select when running
meltano add --custom extractor tap-oracle
in terms of the pip install argument, not sure what to go for when prompted with `Specify the plugin's
pip install
argument, for example:`
- PyPI package name:
- Git repository URL:
git+https://<PLUGIN REPO URL>.git
- local directory, in editable/development mode:
-e extract/tap-oracle
- 'n' if using a local executable (nothing to install)
Default: plugin name as PyPI package name
Is it possible to do this? To install the oracle-tap on a machine with no internet access or access to a proxy etc. Any help much appreciated - Thanks!