Hi all - using the Google Analytics tap, running i...
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Hi all - using the Google Analytics tap, running into what seems like excessive timeout issues. Daily pipeline runs will usually fail, with the odd successful run. Successful runs take quite a while: eg. 01:14 - 03:34 Failed runs can also take a while, which then seem to timeout: eg. 01:14 - 02:55 Failed runs dump a error in the elt.log, summarily: [error] Extraction failed | code=1 name=backoff message=Backing off _query_api(...) for 0.9s (socket.timeout: The read operation timed out) Does this behaviour seem correct? We are pulling the default set of reports - that is, we aren't customising the tap extraction at all. Simply setting the start date to 2022-01-01, which doesn't seem excessive. Would we have to continually move the start date forward, allowing the tap to pull less data and hopefully avoid timeouts? This seems like an anti-pattern. Any help would be appreciated, before digging into the source code!