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12/28/2021, 5:18 PM
Looks like I am almost there 😄 can someone tell me how to proceed here? i get the values from the api and it contains a id property. What do I have to do for for target-postgres to actually use it as the "primary_key" field? Basically it adds a null value in the front:
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(null, Project 2022, 53, 000053, 01d95718-e653-4ab9-96a5-49fc4b82671f)
I am not sure if I configured something wrong:
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class ProjectsStream(bexioStream):
    name = "projects"
    path = "pr_project"
    primary_keys = ["id"]
    replication_key = None
    # Optionally, you may also use `schema_filepath` in place of `schema`:
    schema_filepath = SCHEMAS_DIR / "projects.json"