Is there a spec out there for defining your config...
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Is there a spec out there for defining your configuration to generate a Refresh Token for an API specifically Oauth2 but there's almost certainly other use cases. It's kind of like upstream of both and Today the steps are: 1. Write a Readme walking people through how to generate a refresh token 2. Normally the steps are something like, use curl or your favorite HTTP requests tool 3. Type in your clientid,clietnsecret, scope, etc 4. Use your browser to do something 5. Copy the Refresh token into your configuration It's almost like Meltanos concept of
for configs of oauth2_refreshtoken or maybe more specifically something like
Use Case: 1. Instead of the steps above being a Readme bake that spec into some kind of configuration. You could have a UI help you out to generate refresh tokens for you I'm sorry this is kind of hand wavy I'm mostly wondering if someone can help point me in the right direction here. I don't think I want to build anything right this second but I can tell you this is a problem in every Data Platform