Hello, I am looking for a generic tap to reach out...
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Hello, I am looking for a generic tap to reach out to a Rest API to retrieve the JSON payload. I have come across the following singer tap https://github.com/anelendata/tap-rest-api or on pypi here https://pypi.org/project/tap-rest-api/ . It looks like it might possibly meet my needs of pushing content from that API location to Snowflake. Is there a generic api available on the Meltano Hub already for doing this or would I need to use this tap? Second question if I do need to use this tap, how could I add this to my meltano project? I have installed standard taps e.g. Salesforce and custom taps e.g. tap-oracle but I'm not sure how to add this if it is not on the Meltano Hub. I did try adding this in my meltano.yml extractors: - name: tap-rest-api--covid-tracer-summary inherit_from: tap-rest-api pip_url: git+https://github.com/anelendata/tap-rest-api But it returned an error message : Could not find parent plugin for extractor 'tap-rest-api--covid-tracer-summary': Extractor 'anelendata/tap-rest-api' is not known to Meltano Any help pointing me in the right direction either to an existing tap on the hub I could use or how I could install this singer tap would be appreciated. Thanks Steve