I have searched on tap-spreadsheets-anywhere but d...
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I have searched on tap-spreadsheets-anywhere but did not find exactly the answer i was looking for. I wanted to run it outside of meltano first just to minimize number of things that can fail and to get more comfortable with singer. I am running the tap by passing in a path to a config file (e.g. python -m tap_spreadsheets_anywhere --config config.json . The log suggests it was able to connect to the SFTP server i provided in the config and even lists a dict with key and file name that matches the start date that i provided in config. My error message is unable to write Catalog entry for ‘<TableName from Config>’ - it will be skipped due to error nothing to repeate at position 0. I am trying to tap an excel sheet that is sitting on the SFTP server. I have declared that format is excel, i provided the sheet name, and finally declared a key property. Do i need to explicitly define the schema of columns in the excel worksheet? Is there anywhere to get more clues from the error message?