Plugin: tap-facebook Case: The last 7 days streams...
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Plugin: tap-facebook Case: The last 7 days streams are failing with the following error:
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Extraction failed (1): CRITICAL Insights job 1471557596530049 did not start after 120 seconds. This is an intermittent error and may resolve itself on subsequent queries to the Facebook API. You should deselect fields from the schema that are not necessary, as that may help improve the reliability of the Facebook API.
[2021-06-08 19:03:59,183] {} INFO - meltano         | ELT could not be completed: Extractor failed
Those are streams that have previously worked without any errors. There aren't any API changes in this period, so I wonder the following: 1. Is it possible that Facebook further limited API calls without notice? 2. Is there any workaround to give bigger buffer (waiting time > 120 seconds), so it hopefully continues with data extraction? @taylor Any advice from you, buddy? 🙂